Work Samples

Members of the Edgemont community care  about enhancing their outdoor landscape - enough to join the LEAF program. We care too. Edenscapes would like the opportunity to help Edgemont have beautiful seasonal colour displays. We can help the community with flower bed and planter clean up, planting and maintenance. Our experience with Bearspaw and Springbank acreage residential clients informs us of the challenges of harsh weather and deers, rabbits and voles (who will eat anything if hungry enough). Below are some samples of our commercial/neighbourhood work. Additional residential samples are available in the gallery link above.  

We'd love to discuss your needs with you and how we could serve you.  We have been in business since 2001 and have the necessary insurances.


Summer Planters and Bedding Out

Spring Planters

Although Calgary's spring is short, well-placed early colour is welcoming. 

We have installed beds and pots on our own.  This year, at McInnis and Holloway, we designed, sourced and laid out the plants while McInnis and Holloway staff planted them - this could be done with volunteers as well.    Bedding out plants and containers are usually installed the first or second week of June.

Fall Planters

Autumn Planters

We can change out summer planters using faux and cut botanicals. Alternatively, key planters can have a just few plants changed out to extend the growing season while providing seasonal flare.

Winter Planters

Winter planters are generally installed in November.  Depending on location (sun,wind exposure), they can last into March. We begin sourcing product shortly after Thanksgiving. Summer planters are cleared out prior to ensure the ground is not frozen and there is a workable base.