Work Samples

Edenscapes specialises in bed work and seasonal colour displays so that these areas are well cared-for. Below are samples of larger works seasonal colour displays.  The majority of our clients select one or two seasons of colour but we can dress up spring and fall too depending on budget. Below are some samples of our commercial/neighbourhood work throughout the years. Additional residential samples are available in the gallery link above.  

We'd love to discuss your needs and how we could serve you.  We have been in business since 2001 and have the necessary insurances.

Summer Planters and Bedding Out

Flowers in planters and beds say "Welcome".  We usually install these the first or second week of June.


Winter Planters

Winter planters are generally installed in November.  Depending on location (sun,wind exposure), they can last into March. We begin sourcing product shortly after Thanksgiving. Summer planters are cleared out prior to ensure the ground is not frozen and there is a workable base.


Spring Planters

Although Calgary's spring is short, well-placed early colour is welcoming.

Fall Planters

Autumn Planters

We can change out summer planters using faux and cut botanicals. Alternatively, key planters can have a just few plants changed out to extend the growing season while providing seasonal flare.