Maintenance Program

Includes spring and fall cleanups and regular garden visits which may involve weeding, deadheading, staking, edging, division, container care, and pruning or hedging.

spring and fall clean ups

Spring clean ups are done as soon as weather permits. Gardens are put to bed by the third week of October. We'll protect your tea roses, wrap your tender shrubs. Topdressing with compost or mulch is also offered during both clean-up seasons.


Seasonal colour program

You can have colour from late April until February, or just the main seasons. We provide potscaping for spring, summer, autumn and winter. In-ground annuals for spring and summer too!   


We literally helped write the book (well, a book) on winter gardens! Our winter season in Calgary is simply way too long to wait till spring - keep your garden looking good with custom winter planter arrangements, hanging baskets and wreaths.  Great for you or as gifts.



fall bulb planting

 Nothing says spring like the early blooming tulips, daffodils, and crocus. We plant in fall for early season colour and consider deer and squirrel resistance when selecting bulbs for your garden.


Other services

Garden editing and renovations, bed planting (shrubs, annuals, perennials), special event preparation and maintenance consultations.