Maintenance Programs

What we do

We meet with you to develop a program and determine the level of care. You will be notified prior to scheduled garden visits.

Each season begins with an initial prep and clean up of the garden to get it ready for growing. This is followed by regular garden visits which may include:

  • weeding
  • edge maintenance
  • container care and fertilization
  • staking
  • plant health monitoring
  • light pruning and hedging
  • division/relocation
  • recommendations for enhancements
  • additional services like bulb planting and annual flower planting to complement standard care

Finally, the garden is put to bed for winter: perennials are cut back, annuals pulled, tender roses and other delicate plants are protected.

When we do it

Our season runs April - October, weather dependent. Once clean-ups are completed, garden visits are scheduled either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on client preferences and garden requirements.  Pruning may be scheduled in the off-season as well.